The Newsagency 5th Birthday w/ Lola Sola & Fingermae

Yep! That's right! For 5 wonderful years, The Newsagency has hosted a plethora of local and independent Australian artists. To celebrate, founder and songwriter, Alison Avron will be hosting a monthly Thursday night showcase of artists she thinks are pretty awesome.

Celebrations continue with artist in-residence, Lola Sola and everyone's favourite local soundie cum muso, Fingermae


Lola Sola

With her roots in Aotearoa (NZ), Lola Sola is a singer-songwriter with a dynamic vocal range and emotive lyrics; blending folk, soul and a hint of blues. In late 2015, following a successful crowd-funding campaign, she went on to record an EP and tour New Zealand. Currently based in Sydney Australia, she has released her first studio album ‘Walking Back from Hell’, a stripped-back collection of originals recorded at A Sharp Recording Studios with producers, Richard Lake & Joe Sharratt. 

Lola’s solo performances are intimate and captivating. Her shows are always developing with the different collaborative efforts of the musicians she works with. 

‘Walking Back from Hell’ is a collection of honest song writing. Pairing haunting lyrics with delicate harmonies and simple guitar riffs, it sets a backdrop of an artist who has a powerful connection to her experiences and a lot more stories to tell.



Fingermae is a bitter soul who has been around a long time without achieving much. There's been a couple of band and performer names, a few releases but nothing resembling the widespread adulation she desperately craves to validate her existence. 

Working as a sound engineer for the last few years she gradually built up a resentment towards those on the stage (as is so often the case with sound engineers). Instead of taking it out on the hapless idiots who dared to ignore the worksheet she decided to put this energy into a new attempt at a performing career, so with a collection of songs about people and things that have pissed her off over the last decade and the help of heaps of talented friends an album was recorded and will be released in the last quarter of 2016. 

Keep an eye out for Fingermae's debut album Cured Using Natural Therapies which features performances from members of Bandintexas, Spookyland, TRIANGLE, No Illuminati, and The Spyglass Gypsies. It is also produced and recorded by Brian Campeau, who sings on the first single "I Work For The Bad Guys".